We understand that many patients suffer significant anxiety and fear in relation to dental appointments and procedures. We can provide a broad menu of sedation dentistry options to make essential dental care more comfortable. If you are looking for sedation dentistry in Walden, our office provides sedation dentistry near you.

sedation dentistry in Walden

Sedation Dentistry Near You

Sedation dentistry in Calgary, AB uses different forms of sedative medications to enable you to relax in advance of and during dental appointments and treatment. There are three formats of sedation dentistry that offer different levels of relief depending on the nature of the appointment you’ll be attending, and how seriously you are affected by physical challenges, anxiety, or fear.

Sedation dentistry is not only for people who struggle with dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry near you also benefits patients who find particular dental procedures or appointments physically challenging. Sedation dentistry at one of three levels may help if you experience any of these: extreme face and jaw muscle soreness; difficulty sitting still for as long as may be required; acute pain sensitivity or gag reflex; or significant fear and anxiety related to the sensations or anticipated discomfort of dental treatment.

Sedation dentistry in Calgary, AB is available through three primary options. The mildest form of sedation is laughing gas — nitrous oxide. You inhale nitrous oxide through a mask or breathing tube while undergoing dental treatment. You remain conscious throughout the procedure.

Deeper sedation is available in the form of oral sedation. Oral sedation is administered by a pill that you take the night before a morning appointment, or before the start of treatment. You’ll be more heavily sedated than with nitrous oxide, but will be awake at all times. Oral sedation’s effects also last longer than the milder effects of nitrous oxide.

The most significant form of sedation — intravenous (IV) sedation — puts you to sleep throughout your dental treatment via sedative medication administered through an IV. IV sedation is the most powerful form of sedation available, and effective for the most severe experiences of dental anxiety and the most involved dental procedures.

Takeaways About Sedation Dentistry

  • Determining what form of sedation dentistry in Calgary, AB is required — if any — is right for you happens only after a careful review of your medical history, level of anxiety, and current medications
  • Even the mildest forms of dental sedation near you have an effect on your body and alertness. Do not drive to or from an appointment where you’ll be treated under sedation dentistry, but arrange for rides to and from the clinic.

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