An estimated 5,400 Canadians will be diagnosed with oral cavity cancer in 2020; an estimated 1,500 will die of the disease. Screening and early detection are critical to successful treatment. When the disease is detected before it has spread throughout the body, the five-year survival rate for oral cavity and pharynx cancer is 84%. When the disease is not detected until it has spread, that survival rate is 65%. If you would like to receive VELscope screening in Walden, we are happy to provide VELscope screening near you.

velscope screening in Walden

VELscope Screening Near You

VELscope screening in Calgary, AB identifies lesions and abnormal tissues in your mouth that may indicate the presence of oral cancer. The VELscope Oral Cancer Screening system can screen for oral cancer in as little as two minutes without any dyes, rinses, pain, or side effects.

The VELscope is a handheld device that projects blue light that highlights abnormal tissues in the oral mucosa using fluorescence. When exposed to the blue light, the epithelial tissue and stroma become excited. Excited abnormal tissue appears very dark compared to the decreased fluorescence of normal tissue which glows bright green. These visible differences between healthy and abnormal tissues are not apparent under standard fluorescent light.

Dentists can, in addition to identifying potential cancer concerns, detect fungal infections and bacterial growth using VELscope screening near you. The presence of fungal infections or bacterial growth are indications of poor oral hygiene. Your dentist will recommend a treatment plan to arrest any existing infection and to prevent bacterial growth going forward.

VELscope screening can identify the presence of abnormal tissues in the oral mucosa before any other symptoms or physical signs of oral cancer have emerged. Early detection of potential oral cancer permits intervention while the disease is still local and before it spreads to adjacent tissues or distant organs.

Key Points About Velscope Screening

  • VELscope screening near you can be incorporated seamlessly into your regular dental checkups. Screening can be completed in minutes and is entirely non-invasive.
  • Oral cancers diagnoses are most common in patients over 40 years old. They are associated with prolonged exposure to sunlight (and other forms of ultraviolet radiation), smoking, and significant alcohol consumption.

Looking to receive VELscope screening in Legacy? We offer VELscope screening near you.