Attending your dentist for a regular checkup every six months is essential to preventing or halting tooth decay. It is also a chance for our staff to perform important screening for indications of oral cancer and signs of potential TMD. If you are looking to schedule a dental checkup in Walden, our office provides dental checkups near you.

dental check ups in walden

Dental Checkups Near You

Dental checkups in Calgary, AB begin with a thorough cleaning of your teeth, gums, and mouth. This thorough cleaning will help your dentist to have a clear view of the condition of your teeth, and will also hold you in good stead until your annual deep cleaning. You will undergo plaque and tartar removal, polishing, flossing, and will receive a fluoride treatment. If you have a history of gum disease, your dentist may provide specialized hygiene therapy during this first stage of your checkups.

Regular dental checkups in Calgary, AB continue with a thorough examination of each tooth, filling, restoration, your gums, the alignment of your bite, and even your tongue and the interior of your mouth. Your dentist’s goal in conducting this careful examination is to identify any emerging dental issues before they become serious — including things like tooth decay, gingivitis, and potentially problematic wisdom teeth. During the examination, your dentist will look beyond your teeth and gums to carefully inspect and screen the soft tissues in your mouth to screen for any early indications of potential oral cancers.

Lastly, dental checkups near you are an opportunity to discuss symptoms you’ve noticed, including things affecting your head, face, jaw, and even your sleep. You and your dentist’s staff will review best practices concerning oral hygiene, and answer any question you have about cosmetic dentistry goals.

Key Points About Dental Checkups

  • Not everything about dental health is routine. If you’re experiencing a broken tooth, unexplained toothaches, extreme and continuous bleeding, swollen mouth or jaw, or a metallic taste in your mouth contact an emergency dentist.
  • Dentists may be able to help with symptoms that extend far beyond your teeth if they’re aware of them. At regular dental checkups near you, tell your dentist about other potentially tooth-related issues such as headaches, disturbed sleep; and jaw, neck, and facial pain.

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