Are Dental Implants the Right Option For You?

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are dental implants the right option for you

Most people lose at least one permanent tooth at some point in their lives. If you are one of these people, you may be thinking about getting dental implants in Walden. While dental implants are an excellent restorative option, there are a couple of factors to consider, including whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure. Our team at Walden Dental Wellness has put together this article to help you determine if dental implants in Legacy are right for you.

Most Individuals Are Good Candidates for Dental Implants

Dental implants near you can be used to replace one, several, or all of your teeth. They can be used instead of dental bridges or dentures and are the most permanent and sturdy replacement option available.

Good candidates for dental implants have healthy gums and are at the age where their jawbone has fully developed. Candidates should also have a strong enough jawbone to support and anchor the implant posts.

If you have suffered from some bone deterioration in your jaw, you may still be able to get dental implants. In fact, our dentist in Walden may even recommend that you get dental implants to prevent further bone loss. In cases such as these, our dentist near you will perform a bone graft prior to your implant placement.

Initial Evaluation

Successful implant placement begins with our dentist in Legacy performing a full evaluation of your teeth, jaw, mouth, and overall health. They will perform x-rays and potentially even a computed tomography (CT) scan. The images from these scans will provide our dentist with insight into areas of your jaw that may have bone loss and allow them to evaluate the shape of your sinuses and the location of your nerves so they can determine where the implants are best placed.

Our dentist at Walden Dental Wellness will also perform a thorough medical examination because your overall health and medical history play a significant role in how well your implant will integrate with your anatomy and heal.

Who is at Risk of Poor Outcomes from Dental Implants?

Those who have medical conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes or cancer may not be able to get dental implants. As well, those who have had radiation to the jaws, smokers, or those with uncontrolled jaw disease also present risks that could poorly affect the outcome of dental implant procedures. If you have one of these conditions, you may still be a viable candidate, but our dental team at Walden Dental Wellness will want to thoroughly evaluate your specific circumstances and work with you and your family physician to boost your overall health and function before proceeding with the dental implant process.

Those who take certain medications, such as steroids or immunosuppressants, may also not be suitable candidates for dental implants. If you constantly clench and grind your teeth, you may want to avoid dental implants, as the continuous pressure from grinding can cause severe damage to your implants and jawbone.

Generally, dental implants have a very high success rate, and many patients express how happy they are with their final results. If you are considering dental implants, visit Walden Dental Wellness to begin the process with a complete and thorough examination to determine what restorative options are best for you. Please contact us to book an appointment today!